Monday, January 2, 2012

College Resolutions Worth Keeping


If you’re like me, I’m sure every year is the same. You’re probably looking to start off 2012 with a bang, creating beneficial resolutions you’re hoping to stick to. Problem is, only some of those resolutions actually make a difference. So here’s the top five (gathered from various college students) that were actually worth keeping.

5.) Get Organized. Ah, organization. Personally, being organized is nothing short of a miracle, so every time I think of getting organized my brain goes straight to the vision of me frolicking through Staples, buying notebook dividers, comfort-grip pens and a various assortment of highlighters. A different notebook for every class! A divider for every category (syllabus, handouts, homework, notes, etc)! A daily planner! My home office (the corner of my room I’ve dedicated to Tumbling) will be an area of motivation and productivity!


Then I take a nap, wake up, eat some toast and decide I just don’t have the money.

Folks, stop doing what I do. Instead, make a list of things you need. Write down everything, even the awesome highlighters. Now, cross off what you already have (already have a green, blue and yellow highlighter? Then you don’t need any more). Find what you can from your roommates, like pens, pencils, or notebooks (everyone has an extra something, even you). Then go to the store for the rest; including paper. Bright, shiny, paper-smelling paper…ah that’s the stuff. Fill up your notebooks with dividers and get ready to be majorly productive.

Feel like your schoolwork doesn’t neet any organizing? Focus on your car, or your closet. Yes ladies, imagine how nice it would be to wake up to this (metaphorically):


And if you are looking to organize your dorm, don’t forget to check us out at! We’ve got you covered for the new year!

4.) Stop Procrastinating. Speaking of being productive, this is your year to stop procrastinating…or at least work on doing it less. This is a matter of sitting down and doing something, regardless of whether you want to or not. I know, I feel your pain; I’m incredibly skilled in the area of procrastination (as demonstrated here). But funny thing about it, the feeling of getting something done right away is pretty astounding, meaning you’ll actually want to do it again. I’m not saying you have to completely do a 180 and never procrastinate again…


but start off by being conscientious of when you’re doing it. Get the first assignment of the year and instantly think “I’ll do that tomorrow…” stop. Suck it up and do it now. You never know what might potentially come up tomorrow.

3.) Stop Being a Doormat. This is by far one of the most useful resolutions ever. Got a guy (or a girl) that is dragging you along? Maybe they’ll call, maybe they won’t, but you still sit at your phone, making sure you’re Friday night is completely clear (did homework ahead of time, right?), hoping they might send you a text? Maybe you should send one…just a short one…to remind them how awesome you are…

Or maybe it’s the friend that makes you feel like crap. You know, the one that brings you along everywhere and then gives you the not-so-secret role of the “grenade”. These people do nothing but drain your self-confidence, time, efforts, and basically everything else that you could be using for yourself.


So cut them loose. If they want to hang out with you, make them earn it. Your time is valuable, so treat it as such.

2.) Get Fit. Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is on everyone’s resolution list, but hey, it’s there for a reason. Now, in reality, pretty much everyone could benefit from a little more exercise and healthy eating, and college is notorious for replacing exercise with beer pong, and healthy eating with beer and pizza. So break out of the habit. Get a buddy and set a gym date. Write down your goals (something specific and measurable), and take it one day at a time.


A good way to do this is to set monthly resolutions instead of one for the year. Your goal is to get fit? Great. How are you going to do that for January? If you’re planning on workout out two times a week, write it down, then cross it off as you do it. Plan to run 15 miles in January? Great, now keep track of what you run. Whatever you hit (20 miles, 10 miles) set that as your goal in February, and once again, write it down.

And make sure you’re measuring along the weigh (word pun = awesome). Either by weight, body fat percentage, body measurements (waist size, hip size, etc) or fitness goals (I want to run a mile in 9 minutes). You can even make a sweet graph with gold stars and everything…you are going to be buying awesome school supplies later anyway, right?


1.) Have More Fun. This basically means say “yes” more often. Your roommate is going to that Shakespeare play she has to watch for her Art History class? Go with her! I remember going with a friend because she had to write a review about a dance performance. We went to see the BYU Ballroom dancing something or other, and it was the most awesome show I’ve ever seen. And yes, I’ve been to my fair share of rock concerts. The ballroom dancing, hands down, took the cake. So branch out and say “yes” when people ask you to come. Just make sure you get that homework done ahead of time. Think about it, no one ever looks back on their college career and remembers the times they got a really good night’s sleep; they remember the times they should’ve been sleeping and were out doing something else instead.


So this year, make some memories.

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What do you guys think? What are your resolutions for 2012?


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