Friday, February 22, 2013

Secrets to Decorating Any Living Room

If there’s one thing about living in a dorm that proves to be a bit challenging, it’s this; you’re often presented with a space that seems to have limited options when it comes to decorating. Maybe there’s only one area where your sofa will fit, or perhaps you need to keep your windows easily accessible since they’re your only source of air conditioning. Either way, we’ve got a few ways to ensure that your living room space turns out fabulous and intentional, not like you just threw your stuff where you think it would fit.

1.) Have furniture that’s the appropriate size for the room. If you have a tiny living room, an oversized sofa is going to seem like a huge mess, just as smaller furniture would be completely lost in a larger room. Smaller rooms needs smaller furniture and vice versa.

2.) Position it correctly. As mentioned above, sometimes it can be difficult to ‘position’ your furniture when you believe there is really only one place it could fit, but if you downsize to smaller furniture, you’ll find this problem virtually takes care of itself. Then, it’s best to have the largest seating area facing the door, either angled or along a wall. This makes your home instantly more inviting the second someone walks in.

3.) Create a focal point. Every living room needs something everyone can focus on, and it should not be the television. Think about it, televisions are giant black boxes in the middle of the room. Instead, play up your fireplace, if you have one, or hang a beautiful piece of art or a stunning light fixture in plain sight. Even a window with a gorgeous view can be a focal point.

4.) Define the space with a rug. Ever find yourself sitting in the middle of a well-decorated room and think to yourself, “It’s nice, but something is missing…” That ‘something’ is a rug. Rugs are a great way to define a space and bring a little bit of color into a room without making it seem obvious. A soft, plush rug is also a great way to warm up a colder area full of windows or hard surfaces.

5.) Bring the eye up. People often decorate only what they can see in front of them, leaving the room looking a little boring or one-note. So don’t forget about the vertical aspect; have floor to ceiling plants or window dressings, bring in tall wall art and lamps and mix a few high-back chairs in with the rest of your lower level furniture.

6.) Soften it up. No one wants to walk into a cold room and sit on a cold, hard surface. You might as well head straight to the doctor’s office if that’s what you’re looking for. So be sure to bring in plenty of soft, welcoming textures, like pillows, rugs, throws and blankets.

7.) Light it up. The right lighting does wonders for how a space turns out. Don’t rely on one giant light in the middle of the room; instead, incorporate plenty of floor, table and hanging lamps in with your general overhead lighting.

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