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New!! Embroidered Dorm Lighting!

When it comes to dorm lighting, you generally don’t have a lot of options, but not here! Introducing the Embroidered Dorm Lighting Collection! We’ve got 5 different colors including the Orange one above. Check out the others below! 

It comes in Green



and Yellow!

Which is your favorite?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Swirly Perfection

It’s not just a lamp, the Twirl Tea Light Holder is a lamp by candlelight, and what’s more, the candles are electric, so you don’t have to worry about that pesky R.A. stopping by and giving you a rundown of the school’s fire code violations.

What do you guys think?

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Boho Chic Pink Chandelier

Technically, the manufacturer calls it the Gypsy Chandelier, but you guys have expressed concern for the term “gypsy”. So we’ll call it the Boho Chic Chandelier instead :).

Not only is it a super unique chandelier, but it’s also lightweight and plugs right in. Screw the crappy flourescent lights that already come in your dorm room; plus this in instead!

What do you guys think? Are you a fan?

Monday, June 11, 2012 Friday, March 2, 2012

Make a Dark Dorm Appear Light and Bright


Living in a tiny dorm definitely has it’s pros and cons (okay, I admit probably more pro’s than cons), and one of the cons is definitely the chance that you’ll be living in an apartment with little to no natural light. Most likely, you’re going to end up with a room with a tiny window at one end, and a lone boob light in the middle of the room. That’s it. 

So if you don’t have the money to pay for a fantastic apartment (like the one pictured above) with gorgeous, streaming sunshine, there are a few other ways to ensure you’re space isn’t the dank, dungeon you’re terrified of ending up in.

1.) Lighten the walls. If you never excelled in your 7th grade science class, don’t worry, here’s a quick lesson in how light works: light colors reflect light, dark colors absorb it. Now I’m sure you aren’t allowed to completely re-paint your room (and if you are allowed, go for it!), so try other things. I once lived in a room for 5 months that was dark, (and I’m talking dark), royal blue, with no windows. So I hung up light, baby blue sheets on the walls, and it made a world of a difference!

2.) Add lights throughout. Like I mentioned earlier, your room probably comes with one main light source in the middle of the room, leaving the corners of your room looking sad, dark, and if I may…a bit creepy. Make sure to add light in these little edges of your room. Adding some floor and table lamps can really brighten up a room. Even a corner night-light (like the one shown below) can make a huge difference.


3.) Hang mirrors. Mirrors are often one of the most underused items in a small space. They not only bounce light around the room, but they also give the illusion that there is more space. And what’s even better, a mirror can fit into any interior design motif. They can be edgy, graphic, hip, romantic, vintage or modern. Hang a large mirror or go for a “collected” collage of smaller mirrors. Feel free to be creative!

Moustache Mirror Wall Decal


4.) Choose the right accessories. Just as mirrors will help bounce light around a room, so will other reflective surfaces. Think crystal chandeliers or metallic lamps. In addition, understand what takes up “visual weight” in a room. A thick, dark, wooden side table will seem to weigh down the room, while a light and airy glass and metal table will almost seem invisible to the eye, creating the illusion of more space.

                           Euro Style Eddie Accent Tables

5.) Add plants. Bringing in a little of the outdoors makes any room automatically seem more fresh. Even a small box of herbs on the kitchen counter will be sure to keep your room feeling a bit more upbeat. Just be sure you’re not bringing home something like a bouquet of oriental lilies, and they can become incredibly overwhelming in a small space.

How do you make your dark, dungeon-like room a little brighter?

Monday, November 14, 2011
As submitted by cohenstr: “Make desk awesome with fairy lanterns. Use bed as main workspace regardless :P”
We love it! Fairy lanterns will always hold a special place in our world of dorm accessories :). What do you guys think?

As submitted by cohenstr: “Make desk awesome with fairy lanterns. Use bed as main workspace regardless :P”

We love it! Fairy lanterns will always hold a special place in our world of dorm accessories :). What do you guys think?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Lighting to Get Your Study (or Swerve) On

Folks, it’s all about lighting.

Try and doubt me on this, I dare you. Ever want to create that perfect mood? Whether it’s for studying, cooking, talking, or…well…ya know…the mood…whatever you have in mind, lighting is going to get you there.

And the #1 and #2 biggest lighting culprits in dorms? The overhead “death light”, and the desk lamp. Both are bright, both are annoying, and both are universally unflattering. If you look good and are able to concentrate well while in either one of these lighting conditions, than congratulations. You are a freak of nature and should probably be modeling at Home Depot or something.

My cure? Well first of all, the light bulb. Get rid of that harsh light and go for something more easy on the eyes, basically anything other than a bright flourescent white light. And second of all? Get a better light fixture!

I’m a HUGE fan of both of these hanging pendants. A white feathered shag covering (which is both chic and exotic) and a dainty white layered one, with a more unique twist. They both soften whatever bulb is contained within them, meaning the number of headaches should proportionally decrease as the number of complements proportionally increase. I mean c’mon. They’re gorgeous.


Another trick? Go for something shiny that reflects light about the room. It will make your space seem larger and more grand. Something silvery, shining, and fabulous that I have in mind? This, a silver sequined chandelier. It’s perfect for classin’ up a diny dorm room without moving over into disco ball territory.


So get movin guys! The semester has really only just begun, and the holidays are coming up. If ever there was a time to make your dorm more cozy, homey and extremely inviting, it’s now!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Recently DormDesign reviewed  Take a look at what they had to say about us and some of the unusual things you can find on our site and be sure to follow!


Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dorm Tip #2

So you are heading to college for the first time this fall.  On the one hand, pretty freaking scary, but on the other - well, it’s your time, guys….finally!

Now this applies to on so many levels.  Your time to shine, to really explore who you are and what you want to accomplish, your time to begin to find out how you want to live your life and maybe even decide who you want to live it with! 

When you plan out your dorm, take the time to create a space that reflects who you are.  Find those items that are going to make your space your own. Never bring too much (look back at Dorm Tip #1!) but bring the stuff that counts.  Find some prints that you want to spend time looking at and that might even inspire you. Find dorm lighting that creates the feeling/environment you want.  NEVER use the overhead flourescent lighting that every dorm seems to have.  This will kill any good vibes in your dorm immediately (trust us!)

At our “slogan” if you will, is “My Place, My Way”…  recognizing this unique time of creative freedom and exploration - regardless of who you are and what you are into.  We think you should take a little time to find the right items to create your space your way - this is exactly the WRONG time for a trip to the same old target and bed & bath shops - because that’s what everyone else will do.  Take your time, find what intrigues you, that is affordable, and create “your place, your way”.  There is a reason our slogan isn’t “my place, just like everyone else’s place” : it’s boring!

Now we recognize that this might sound like we are exaggerating the importance of a dorm room and what it looks and feels like.  Well that may be, but maybe it’s not too much of an exaggeration.  Spend one day in a dorm room that is a total freaking mess and you will understand why avoiding that fate is important.  Think about how you feel when your surroundings inspire you rather than bore you or depress you… 

So take your time, shop around, and create an affordable dorm - and refuge- that inspires you to do great things, that gives you peace, and helps you be you.  The best part is that exactly what that is, will change  - forever, most likely.  So be flexible, try on differently styles and approaches and change it every year (or more often) if you want.  But most importantly, have fun making it yours!


new at! … and already almost sold out!

new at! … and already almost sold out!