Thursday, February 28, 2013

Preventing Fires in Your Home

Did you know 1 person is killed every 2 hours in a house fire? It’s true! What’s even sadder is that many of these fires are completely preventable. So before you move into a new home or apartment, here are a few things you can do to protect yourself from deadly home fires:

1.) Check your smoke alarms. Smoke alarms are your number one defense against a starting fire, so it’s essential that you not only have an adequate amount, but also that they’re in working order and placed in the right locations. Smoke rises, so your smoke alarms should be place in in high rise locations like your ceiling or high on walls. Smoke alarms mounted on ceilings should be at least four inches away from the nearest wall and smoke alarms mounted on walls should be between four and twelve inches away from the ceiling. Make sure each alarm has fresh batteries and can be heard from every room in the house. Smoke alarms that are over 10 years old or have been painted over should be replaced.

2.) Keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Throwing water on a fire isn’t going to do much good when it really gets going, but a fire extinguisher might still be useful in this situation. The good news is that fire extinguishers are relatively cheap (around $30 dollars for a small one). Make sure the extinguisher is in proper working order (meaning the gauge should be checked to see if it needs to be replaced or recharged) and that it is in an easily accessible location. A fire extinguisher isn’t going to do you any good if you have to rummage through storage boxes in the garage to find it. It’s also important that everyone in the household knows how to work the fire extinguisher as well.

3.) Don’t overload sockets and power strips. With all the electronic devices in today’s world, it’s easier to overload a socket and not even know it. The television, DVD player, stereo equipment, video game console, computer, lamps and many other things will often be plugged into a single power strip. For newer homes, this may be acceptable, but in an older home it may be necessary to have a professional install a new outlet nearby.

4.) Watch your open flames. Candles are often outlawed in dorms, and for very good reason: an open flame can literally catch anything on fire! But if candles are allowed in your home, make sure they’re kept away from anything that could catch. Even curtains can be blown about when someone enters a room or a breeze comes in through a window. Pets and small children can also knock over a candle on accident.

5.) Use common sense. It may sound easy, but many people have fallen victim to this line of thinking. I’ve even come close to burning the house down when a blanket that was resting on the back of the couch feel off and landed on a heater while I was in the shower. I came out to a smoky living room and a severely scorched blanket. So keep your lamps and heaters free of debris, you never know what could catch!

And don’t forget; for dorm safety items (like pepper spraysafes and personal alarms), check out our store at, and for dorm decorations (like dorm lightingfun drinking games, and wall decals) check out our store at!

Do you have any home fire safety tips?

Monday, December 12, 2011

Dorm Style, No?

Dorm room as submitted by colleeeen.

That zebra print chair is awesome!

Love the wall art!!

Reblog if you love her style, and check out for more dorm ideas!

What do you guys think?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Look What We Found!

TheGoodLifeOnCampus has been hard at work looking for more unique and interesting things for your dorm, and just in today are two more pieces of awesome inventory.

First up, Jack Skellington himself. Now personally, I’m such a sucker for anything referencing “Nightmare Before Christmas” that it could literally be considered an unhealthy obsession. It’s weird and classic at the same time, which throughout history has always been the epitome of cool. That’s why I’m particularly excited about our first item up for bid:


I guarantee you, old-fashioned Santa wall decals are overused and boring. But Jack here? Well he’s just freakin’ awesome.

Second item up for bid? The Diamond Mirror Wall Clock. It reflects tons of light, meaning it makes a tiny space appear larger (dorm room?), and it’s clean and simple. Perfect for any chic dorm room if I’ve ever seen one.

So which would you prefer?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dorm Tip #2

So you are heading to college for the first time this fall.  On the one hand, pretty freaking scary, but on the other - well, it’s your time, guys….finally!

Now this applies to on so many levels.  Your time to shine, to really explore who you are and what you want to accomplish, your time to begin to find out how you want to live your life and maybe even decide who you want to live it with! 

When you plan out your dorm, take the time to create a space that reflects who you are.  Find those items that are going to make your space your own. Never bring too much (look back at Dorm Tip #1!) but bring the stuff that counts.  Find some prints that you want to spend time looking at and that might even inspire you. Find dorm lighting that creates the feeling/environment you want.  NEVER use the overhead flourescent lighting that every dorm seems to have.  This will kill any good vibes in your dorm immediately (trust us!)

At our “slogan” if you will, is “My Place, My Way”…  recognizing this unique time of creative freedom and exploration - regardless of who you are and what you are into.  We think you should take a little time to find the right items to create your space your way - this is exactly the WRONG time for a trip to the same old target and bed & bath shops - because that’s what everyone else will do.  Take your time, find what intrigues you, that is affordable, and create “your place, your way”.  There is a reason our slogan isn’t “my place, just like everyone else’s place” : it’s boring!

Now we recognize that this might sound like we are exaggerating the importance of a dorm room and what it looks and feels like.  Well that may be, but maybe it’s not too much of an exaggeration.  Spend one day in a dorm room that is a total freaking mess and you will understand why avoiding that fate is important.  Think about how you feel when your surroundings inspire you rather than bore you or depress you… 

So take your time, shop around, and create an affordable dorm - and refuge- that inspires you to do great things, that gives you peace, and helps you be you.  The best part is that exactly what that is, will change  - forever, most likely.  So be flexible, try on differently styles and approaches and change it every year (or more often) if you want.  But most importantly, have fun making it yours!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dorm tips

While you are thinking about what to bring to college in the fall, we think there are a few things for you to keep in mind…..

Dorm Tip #1(and maybe the most important of all)- make a list of everything you think you will need for a year on campus, and then cut it in half ( or more)! 

The quickest way to a disastrous dorm is to over-pack.  We guarantee your dorm room will be cluttered, and a mess, from day one.  And while you may not care about a messy room all that much, you will when stress begins to creep into your life.  It will help you adjust to college life and deal with the stress of it all if your dorm is a place that is comfortable, clutter free, and is actually a place of refuge from everyday stress and not a place that adds to it.

Packing light will also make move in and packing up a breeze.  Last thing you need after finals week is a huge packing project before moving out!  You will never regret packing light.