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Hopefully your Thanksgiving Break is off to a great start!

Hopefully your Thanksgiving Break is off to a great start!

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The fact that I never thought to do this makes my entire time in college seem like a waste.

Why have we never thought of this? Shame us. Sorry guys, we’ll be better we promise.


The fact that I never thought to do this makes my entire time in college seem like a waste.

Why have we never thought of this? Shame us. Sorry guys, we’ll be better we promise.

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We know St. Patty’s Day isn’t technically until tomorrow, but we also know you’re in college and it’s Saturday night and…well…you’re going to live it up. 
Have a blast tumblr world, and try to keep the bad decisions to fairly responsible and insignificant ones ;) 

We know St. Patty’s Day isn’t technically until tomorrow, but we also know you’re in college and it’s Saturday night and…well…you’re going to live it up. 

Have a blast tumblr world, and try to keep the bad decisions to fairly responsible and insignificant ones ;) 

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Daniel Gray and Kathleen Starrie - An igloo constructed out of milk cartons filled with colored water and frozen 

how awesome is this!

Bored this weekend? Because this might be a perfect way to kill time! 

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Remind you of anyone? 

How excited are you to see your family this Christmas?

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Surviving Winter Break


TheGoodLifeOnCampus would like to say congratulations! You’re done with the semester! You’ve had your nose to the grindstone for the past few months and thankfully, you’ve survived. And what’s more, it’s December, which means no school, Christmas, and never having to rationalize drinking hot chocolate at 3:00 in the morning. It’s December, if you’re not asleep you should be consuming some form of hot cocoa…it’s only fair.


That being said, however, winter break proves to have some interesting obstacles. Maybe you’re stuck on campus during Christmas break, or maybe you wish you were stuck on campus in stead of at home sharing a room with your three sister’s and Aunt Edna. Or hell, maybe you’re just struggling with the idea of technically being in a long distance relationship for a month. Well, whatever the issue is, we’ve got some ways to solve it.

1.) You’re stuck at school and you wanted to be home. Ah, the days of being stuck in my dorm, seeing constant facebook updates of all my highschool friends who had come back from college and were hanging out together in my hometown…without me. The sad, slightly condescending look the RA would give me as I passed his door to my dorm room, the only student on my entire floor not going home for winter break. Yeah, not exactly how I wanted to spend my free time.


But, I’ve actually already written an article on things to do on campus during winter break, so I’ll stop there and tell you one key to surviving: wait until January.

January, you see, seems to be a horrible month for college students who went home. The joy of Christmas has worn off and the slight annoyances of their family is setting in. Instead of helping put up the decorations, they must now help in taking down the decorations, which personally, always felt like Christmas had died in a tragic accident, and instead of talking about it we were just going to shove any memory of it in a cardboard box and put it in the attic.


So, naturally, people start coming home. I remember that all of my roommates planned on coming back the day before spring semester started, and ALL of them would end up coming back around January 3rd or 4th. So my advice? Just get through December, January you’ll have your friends back, have no homework, and life will be good again.

2.) You went home for the holidays. Well, like the post above, you are probably going to have the best time ever for the month of December. Lots of great food, putting up decorations, seeing family and your dog you had to leave home when you went off to university…lot’s of good times. So my advice? Just like I said above, arrange to come back to school at the beginning of January. Trust me, you don’t want to have to participate in the depressing aftermath of Christmas and stress. Come back, see your friends and “prepare yourself for next semester.”

And by request, if you have a gigantic family, a la, “I live with my grandparents. My aunts, uncles, parents and sibkings decided to visit ME =) Full House! Any sugestions for that?” all I really have to say is good luck, and try to use the vast number of people to your advantage. Spread yourself around everyone the best you can, but when you need a break say you’re going to help someone else do something (mom cook, dad hang the lights). Hopefully no one will notice ;).


3.) You’re in a relationship. Fun fact: the majority of breakups happen in December, and the majority of those December breakups happen the week before Christmas. Ironic, if you think about it, since that seems to be the week most college students go home.


Now, if you’re in a relationship over winter break, one of two things are going to happen: 1.) You’ll realize how much you miss each other and can’t wait to see each other again, or 2.) One of you will realize how much you miss being single and will break up with the other. Or I guess option 3.) One of you will cheat. That better not be you, cheating is horrible.

So remember, you only have to get through a few weeks without each other. To prevent as much discomfort as possible, check out your options. Set up Skype accounts before you leave, set up a time to call each other every night, and in general just make sure you stay updated with eachother. If you go all break without so much as shooting your lover a text, well, maybe you shouldn’t be together in the first place.

See, just think; it could be worse.

So try your best to enjoy your break, and if you feel like doing a little dorm room shopping stop by  

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How do you guys plan on surviving?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Roommate of the Week: The Accomplice


Random fact about myself: I tend to get in trouble.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about carjacking or murdering hookers or anything, I’m just saying that I tend to live a little too much on the risky side. You know, that area between “Bad Idea” and “Worth It” tends to be pretty gray.

Example? I got kicked out of the dorms my junior year because I was found on the rooftop talking on the phone for the third time. What can I say, I like heights. At the school before thatI was kicked out of the dorms because I staged all the lobby furniture in each of the elevators; except the huge round table of course, that ended up in my room for a 12 person poker game. It didn’t help that it was the same week I broke the lobby window with an apple (accident, I swear). RA’s just have no sense of humor these days…

And at the time, I’ll admit, it sucked. I had to find a new place to live (which turned out to be much cheaper, most on-campus living plans are a complete ripoff by the way), and I had to figure out some way to get around without a car. Then my junior year, I met Jackie (yes, same Jackie as the previous roommate post, still not her real name).


Jackie is exactly like me. Any idea, no matter how crazy, was always worth pursuing. After a night of…ahem…partying…when she brilliantly suggested rock climbing at 2:00 in the morning, I didn’t even think about saying no, and she didn’t question the chrome colored spray paint I brought along. Today you can still see the spot on the plateau (overlooking our town, no less) that says, in bright reflective chrome colored letters, “I Am Cheese?”

I know, it makes no sense. Of all the phrases in the human language I went with “I Am Cheese?” And that’s not a typo…I actually did end it with a question mark.

Then last year at breakfast, I said I wanted a puppy. By that afternoon we had a puppy. A german shepard/border collie puppy, who wasn’t house trained and howled constantly. Our third roommate was pissed (no pets were allowed in our apartment), but we didn’t care. We named her Zoey, she’s the best dog ever.


My point is this; I don’t regret any of these decisions, and the fact I did them with a roommate that shared my own sense of adventure is awesome. You’re going to come across some people that say, “Those two shouldn’t hang out together. When they do they just get into trouble.” So what. I’m not saying you need to look for trouble or anything (don’t go breaking the law now), but playing by the rules all the time is a little…boring. College is about finding someone like yourself and making some memories; just don’t do anything too stupid.

Do you have an “Accomplice” roommate?

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And while we’re on the subject of homesickness, check out Liv’s tips about making friends at college. Of course you can always just “wing it”, but she’s got some great stuff here.

And don’t forget to check out our youtube channel with more helpful videos! What do you guys think?

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Homesickness: How to Cure It


I’m not going to lie here, homesickness is a doozy. It’s a silent predator that complete sneaks up on you when you least expect it. Everything seems to be going along just fine, but before you know it the homework, lack of close friends, over-your-head professors, and hectic schedule all culminate into a perfect storm, until something completely meaningless (where did I put my red pen?) causes you to break down into a sobbing, incomprehensible mess. Don’t worry, I’ve been there, and it’s completely normal. And if you haven’t yet; you will.

So here are a few tips to combat the ever so depressing homesickness:

1.) Journal. Corny, I know, but incredibly useful. Journaling not only gives you a chance to unload the feelings you may feel embarassed to feel (I’d give anything to just sit in my old bedroom, listen to Kings of Leon, eat a plate of my mom’s homemade enchiladas and IM (insert name of high school best buddy here)). Plus, someday the evil case of homesickness hits again, this gives you something to go back and look at. It’s documented evidence that you survived the last time it hit, and will survive this time too.


2.) Call a friend from back home. Chances are, you’re not the only one that took off to school and left everyone behind. If you have a friend that went to a school somewhere else, call them. They are most likely going through the exact same thing you are right now.

3.) Call a friend at college. Same thing, they are probably going through the same thing you are (or have before) and know how you’re feeling. Give them a call, even if it’s just to talk about something completely unrelated, like last night’s episode of your favorite reality show.

4.) Do some of the same things you did in highschool. Did you go to football games with your friends in highschool? Catch a college football game. Were you a regular at the folfing course? The library? You should be able to do these same things in your town. And I can hear you now, “it’s not he activities I miss, it’s the people I did them with,” and I know, but every little bit helps.


5.) Visit home; later. This one really broke me out of my funk. I couldn’t afford to visit my hometown until Christmas, and when I did, it almost evaporated my homesickness. See the thing is, when you go to college, you begin to evolve, while your hometown stays exactly the same. Going home often makes you feel better because you realize that you’re growing, changing, and going places.

6.) Don’t make any huge decisions. Of course you miss your highschool sweetheart, and of course the first 3 weeks are going to feel devestating, so deciding to drop out of college so you can be together is an irrational decision. Wait until that initial homesickness wears off and you can make a well-thought out decision.

7.) Create your own rituals, traditions, and “had to be there” moments. One of the most crucial things about feeling homesick, is it’s often associated with a feeling of “people just don’t understand me here.” You’ll find friends, and when you do create your own little funny stories that other people just don’t get. I vividly remember getting drunk on May 4, and referring to the entire night as “Cinco de Fourko.” No one back home has any idea what I’m talking about, but my college friends and I all know full well that Cinco de Mayo is overrated; Cinco de Fourko is where the it’s at.


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What are some ways you cope with homesickness?

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College Social Circles Categorized:


Well, sometimes.  

Granted, there are some hardcore party schools out there (I’m lookin’ at you Arizona State), but that doesn’t mean they don’t churn out some respectable, contributing members of society. I like to think I’m a pretty grounded individual with a good head on my shoulders, but that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the occasional keg stand just as much as the next girl. So for your benefit, I have categorized the six main “groups” of college:  

1.) The “I’m in college to party and get laid” group.

2.) The “I’m in college because I’m going to be the next president and apparently I have to have a law degree to qualify” group.

3.) The “I’m desperately lonely and will do anything to make friends” group.

4.) The “I’m in college because I have an idea of how to make my life better and I’m going for it” group.

5.) The “I’m in college because I have nothing better to do and my parents are effin’ loaded” group.

6.) The “Combination” group.  

Personally, I fall into category #6…that’s why I added it. I have, at times, thrown myself into my studies as a way to better my own situation, as well as felt like I had no friends. I admit I am also more than acquaintances with category #1. I have, at times, been slighly inebriated and on the prowl for the smokin’ hot guy who’s been texting me for the last week and a half. Calm down, we’re dating now, so…no harm done.  

And what happens to each of these categories? Here, let me fill you in:  

Category 1: “I’m in college to get laid”: Ironically, you’ll probably won’t get laid at all. The ones always trying are the ones that never get any. However, in the case that you’re a helluva looker and a charmer, you’ll probably end up either pregnant, with an STD, without an education (can’t do much studying with a hangover and a raging case of the munchies), 35 lbs over weight (beer gut = not so sexy), and missing at least one tooth (drunk + concrete = inevitable reality).      


Category 2: “I’m in college because I’m going to be the next president and apparently I have to have a law degree to qualify”: You’ll end up as a currupt senator stealing money from the homeless childrens’ food fund. You’ll be freakin’ rich because at some point you’ll most likely become friends with a group of people majoring in Inside Trading and Home Mortgage Deception, and you’ll probably murder your first hooker before the age of 26. By 42 you’ll be sporting diabetes and an impressive combover, and will probably own some kind of BBQ restaurant chain. Everyone who knows you secretly wants you to get cancer so they can hurry up and get their share of your will. Oh and if you don’t end up being a ruthless, swindling, hooker murdering scumbag? Good for you. Run for president. I’ll probably vote for you.    


Category 3: “I’m desperately lonely and will do anything to make friends”: Your acne will go away, you will get taller, and you will make lots of friends. In addition, you will actually end up being quite succesful in whatever business/career venture you decide to pursue. College has a way of a.) bringing similar people together, b.) helping you develop some thick skin, and c.) pointing out that everyone that ever made fun of you are morons who will most likely end up in category #5.  


Category 4: “I’m in college because I have an idea of how to make my life better and I’m going for it”: You will accomplish your goals. All of them. Also you are awesome.


Category 5: I’m in college because I have nothing better to do and my parents are effin’ loaded”: You will graduate and still end up living at home until you are 36 because you never learned how to do anything on your own. Not only that, but whatever degree you did come away with will be something you’re not even remotely interested in, but since your parents were footing the bill (and you’re a lazy pushover) you’re stuck with it. You will either spend your nights alone watching Jersey Shore reruns and eating entire packages of Oreos, or you will marry someone who takes complete advantage of you and your future home will be filled with a decent amount of either cats, tiny yapper dogs, or goldfish. Congratulations, you belong to the minute percentage of people in the world who actually consider their time in high school as the “best years of their life”. Also you probably drink a lot.       


Category 6: “Combination”: You’ll be fine. Heck you’ll probably get the adrenaline rush and lesson learning in category #1 combined with the close friendships you’ll make in category #3. And since you’re not a complete sell-out, you’ll still end up in category #4.


So if you find yourself going down one of these paths, I’d suggest you figure out what you want and adjust accordingly. That is, unless you particularily enjoy living with yapper dogs and a bitchy spouse. You’re welcome ahead of time. 

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